TransformSC presents to ad hoc committee on competency-based education

TransformSC presented twice in January to the SC House of Representatives Ad Hoc Committee on Competency-Based Education. The first was an informal meeting on Jan. 12 where TransformSC Co-Chair Mike Brenan gave an update on TransformSC’s recent growth. Brenan also emphasized TransformSC’s grassroots coalition and the approaches its schools use, like competency-based education.

TransformSC Director Peggy Torrey provided an overview of competency-based education’s growth across the country.  She also explained, using research from ExcelinEd, how students can benefit from competency-based education. Torrey closed by defining competency-based education, comparing and contrasting competency-based education and personalized learning, and providing an update on TransformSC’s schools that are using competency-based education.

Lauren McCauley from the Department of Education discussed the Department’s personalized learning work. TransformSC Co-Chair Pam Lackey discussed the importance of leadership in sustaining innovation and closed the meeting with Q&A.

The second presentation was on Jan. 31. TransformSC shared an update on its competency-based education schools and challenges they’re facing. Karla Phillips from ExcelinED, the Education Oversight Committee’s Melanie Barton, and Department of Education’s Sheila Quinn, LaToya Dixon and Lauren McCauley also presented.