TransformSC was launched in 2013 as a collaboration of business leaders, educators, students, parents, and policy makers transforming the public education system so that every student graduates prepared for careers, college, and citizenship. During its initial phase, TransformSC partnered with 73 Schools from 29 districts, as well as 7 entire districts,  that implemented innovative practices that reached every student, classroom, and teacher. These TransformSC Schools laid the groundwork for the work of TransformSC.

What is a Transformed Classroom?

TransformSC has identified innovative practices that help students achieve the knowledge, skills, and characteristics in the Profile of the Graduate. It is the mission of TransformSC to implement some or all of these characteristics in a new model of learning designed to meet the needs of the students across the state. Those practices include:

  1. World-Class Knowledge | Rigorous standards in language arts and math for career and college readiness, as well as mastery of multiple languages, science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), arts and social sciences.
  2. Real-World Skills | Creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork, communication, information, technology, and knowing how to learn
  3. Life & Career Characteristics | Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Direction, Work Ethic, Global Perspective, Interpersonal Skills

Transform – The Road To Success

Summer 2021 brings the release of a new vision for TransformSC. The progress made over the last 7 years has ushered in a new chapter, one that will involve taking what we have learned and applying the lessons and goals to the entire state of South Carolina. 

Below you can download ‘Road To Success’ – our thorough review of the progress TransformSC has made since its launch in 2013 and our next steps moving into 2021-2022. You can click here to download the Road to Success summary and see what we’ve accomplished through 5 major aspects of the Transform mission – including recognitions, business connections, and study highlights.