South Carolina Ranked 17th In U.S. In Aerospace Attractiveness

South Carolina was recently ranked by PwC as the 17th best state in the nation for aerospace companies.

According to PwC’s latest aerospace manufacturing attractiveness rankings report, South Carolina’s relatively low set-up costs and generous tax policies make it a business-friendly location for aerospace companies. South Carolina’s more than 400 aerospace companies are responsible for 100,000 jobs and a $19 billion statewide economic impact.

The United States ranks first worldwide for the aerospace industry with more than 1,710 aircraft, engine and parts manufacturers calling it home and a total annual revenue of $212 billion.

The Southeast region as a whole ranks high in the study, with Georgia listed as the most attractive state and North Carolina at number four. Washington state, home of Boeing’s only major production facilities outside of South Carolina, fell out of the top ten to number 16.

The report, which ranks the top countries and states based on their attractiveness to aerospace companies, incorporates data that includes cost, labor, infrastructure, industry, economy, and geopolitical risk (irrelevant and uncounted for state-level calculations) to determine state ranking. Please click here for the complete 2017 aerospace manufacturing attractiveness rankings, including methodology and calculations.

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