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Software & Web Developers

The Role

As a Software or Web Developer, you are the creative mind behind the applications, user interface, and websites. A developer may help create the applications for specific tasks on computers or devices, or you may design the underlying systems that run the devices and control the networks. A software developer will focus mostly on customer usability and functionality while a web developer will focus on the overall design along with the technical performance and capabilities. These roles work very closely, and many times overlap or are slightly combined in some cases. 

The Data

Median National Salary*: $105,594

Annual Job Postings*: 1,000,000+

Expected Job Growth*: +19%

The Skills

– Design, test and develop software/website to meet client needs

– Write code for the website or design pieces of an application

– Create a variety of models and diagrams that show programmers application needs

– Ensure that a program/website continues to function through maintenance and testing

– Collaborate with others to produce optimum software

– Train beginner developers