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Capital Market Study  |  Enhancing the business environment for high-impact firms in South Carolina


High-growth companies in South Carolina are creating most of the new jobs and wealth in the state. Access to capital is cited as a primary concern of the top executives for these high-impact firms and is one of the top limitations in scaling up their companies. This study addresses the following two questions: (i) “Why are many of South Carolina’s high-impact companies experiencing difficulties in finding and securing financing?” and (ii) “What initiatives would have the strongest impact on improving South Carolina companies’ access to financing?”
Capital markets for high-impact firms are tight in all parts of the United States, not just in South Carolina. In the wake of the recent economic challenges worldwide, over 70 percent of U.S. firms cite financial woes and concerns. ii South Carolina has received national recognition for some of the outstanding efforts the state has made in enhancing the business and financing environment for high-impact firms.