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Recycling Cluster  |  SC Recycling Industry 2014 Economic Impact Study

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Many see the social value of recycling, but few understand its economic impact. To better address this, four partners – S.C. Department of Commerce, S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, New Carolina and RecyclonomicsSC – commissioned a 2014 update to a 2006 recycling industry economic impact study. The results are in, and the growth is impressive. Both studies were completed by economist Dr. Frank Hefner of the College of Charleston Department of Economics and Finance. In 2006, Dr. Hefner concluded, “That recycling is beneficial for the environment is a virtually uncontested proposition. What is becoming increasingly more obvious is that recycling contributes to the economic health of a state’s economy.” That conclusion holds true today as the recycling industry in South Carolina has grown from 325 firms in 2006 to 521 firms in 2014.