Profile of the Graduate to become law?

Profile of the South Carolina Graduate_Updated-2-page-001Two bills were introduced during the South Carolina Assembly’s 121st session to codify the Profile of the Graduate. Bills H.4783 and H.4936 both seek to add a section to the 1976 Code to “provide for educational goals for all of South Carolina high school graduates and the standards and areas of learning by which these goals are measured.” 

The Profile of the Graduate is a shared vision of graduates prepared to succeed in careers and higher learning created by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators Superintendents’ Roundtable. The Profile was developed over a period of 18 months with input from the business community, particularly on the world-class skills and life and career characteristics graduates need to be successful.  

TransformSC, a grassroots initiative of educators, parents, students, business leaders and policymakers, has distributed the Profile and advocated for its adoption to many organizations around the state.  TransformSC’s network of 38 public schools have adopted the Profile and are committed to developing new models of learning that better instill the knowledge, skills and characteristics students need to be successful.  As a result of TransformSC’s efforts, there are many other schools, districts and organizations that have adopted the Profile, including:  SC Arts Alliance, SC Arts in Basic Curriculum Steering Committee, South Carolina ASCD, SC Chamber of Commerce, SC Council on Competitiveness, SC Education Oversight Committee, SC School Boards Association, SC State Board of Education, and SC State Department of Education.