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As the world’s supply chains and advanced manufacturers turn to artificial intelligence to solve key business issues and explore new opportunities, SC Competes has joined the call to establish the Palmetto AI Corridor (PAIC) to connect and grow the communication and influence among our state’s business leaders and AI professionals. In collaboration with the state-level officials, SC Competes is exploring the development of an “AI-Enabled Corridor,” as part of a broader program entitled the “SC Smart Economic Development Plan.” In doing so, we are working to reshape the state’s major supply chains and are conducting an Electric Vehicle (EV) study.

How Are We Involved?

AI Rapid Innovation Lab

On April 5, 2022, SC Competes hosted a Rapid Innovation Workshop around Artificial Intelligence, bringing together representatives from public bodies, academic institutions, and private companies working in, or heavily implementing, AI. This facilitated, all-day, intensive discussion around public and private sector AI potential, and the ideas and valuable feedback we were able to glean, will play a vital role in furthering SC’s development as an AI-Enabled Corridor.  

Thank you to all who were able to attend and spend the day with us! 

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Boston Dynamics “SPOT” Robotic Dog

In partnership with the SC Department of Commerce and state-level officials, SC Competes is acquiring the 4-legged robot to promote AI and programming education, opening students’ eyes to the depth of possibilities in careers in tech, advanced manufacturing, and beyond. 

Members from the SC Competes team recently attended Spot on the Bricks at the College of Charleston and will also join a contingent to Boston Dynamics in Waltham, MA in June 2022 to learn how to handle and train Spot.

South Carolina’s robotic dog, however, will not bear the name “Spot” for very long. A Naming Competition is set to launch in the fall of 2022, which will allow K-12 students to give Spot a new name. More to come!


AI-based Education Initiatives

AI Summer Camps with College of Charleston and Trident Technical College

SC Competes is proud to announce a partnership with College of Charleston (CofC) and Trident Technical College (TTC) to host AI summer camps in July 2022. Thanks to appropriations secured from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief fund (“GEER”), the AI camps, taking place on both the TTC and CofC campuses, are expected to reach more than 1600 students ranging from the ages of 16-24 and will focus on the following academic components:

  • AI at Home
  • AI in Smart Cities
  • AI in Natural Language Processing
  • AI in Education
  • AI in Art
  • AI in Advanced Manufacturing

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Initiative with Winthrop University and Delta Bravo AI

SC Competes is teaming up with SC Aerospace Partner Delta Bravo AI and Winthrop University to create and launch a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Initiative. This program will lay the foundation for effective AI skill sets that can roll right into the workforce upon graduation from high school or 2-year or 4-year college. AI is more than just data – it’s intelligent machine output, based on human input of data or algorithms. This program will work to demystify AI and build the skills necessary to execute real-world AI use cases.  2-year and 4-year students will leverage market-leading technology and access to real-world companies, AI challenges and data sets, culminating in paid internships at Delta Bravo AI and participating industry partners.

SC Competes is thrilled to be a part of this program and to see the impact such a program has on the future of the state AI curriculum and how SC students are prepared for tomorrow’s workforce. 


AI & South Carolina Fraunhofer USA Alliance

Fraunhofer USA was founded in 1994 to conduct applied R & D for customers from industry and state and the federal government in the United States.  Working closely with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer USA Centers offer both domestic and international resources to enhance its portfolio of R & D services.

The South Carolina Fraunhofer USA Alliance (SCFUSA) is a collaborative effort between the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness (SC Competes), the South Carolina Department of Commerce, and the Fraunhofer USA network. The alliance was created to advance applied research across the state of South Carolina with the Fraunhofer USA network and South Carolina research institutions.  Examples of research foci include artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, machine learning, wearables and other advanced digital technologies.  The work of the alliance and the research it supports give South Carolina a competitive edge in advancing applied research and increasing the competitiveness of South Carolina based organizations.


AI Pathway and Standards Study

SC Competes is partnering with the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) to conduct a focused study and support the development of South Carolina’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Standards for secondary students. To meaningfully engage shareholders to support this study, SC Competes has worked with South Carolina leaders to establish a dedicated AI working group under PAIC and is composed of industry representatives, state leaders, and representatives from various academic entities. The AI Pathway and Standards Study is expected to yield the following:

  • AI-Focused Labor Market Study (Results by Region)

  • Availability of Postsecondary Training Programs by Region

  • Valuable Feedback from Industry and Postsecondary Partners 

  • Key Concepts and Skills to be Addressed within the Proposed Secondary Pathway

  • Attributes and Skills Needed for Secondary AI Pathway Teachers