New Carolina returns to “SC Council on Competitiveness”; Announces New Website

Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, formerly known as “New Carolina,” announced the organization is returning to the use of its original name. The Council also announced a new website,

President & CEO Ann Marie Stieritz said, “The organization was founded as the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness, and ‘New Carolina’ was a brand identity established shortly thereafter. Using two names created some confusion, and so we have returned to the original name.”

The South Carolina Council on Competitiveness was founded in 2004 by a group of private, public, academic and non-profit sector leaders from across the state. The formation of the Council marked the first time broad-based, cross-sector leadership came together to address long-term economic competitiveness factors in South Carolina.

“Making the state, industries and citizens of South Carolina more economically competitive remains our primary focus. We felt it was important to return that focus in our identity,” said Stieritz.

The South Carolina Council on Competitiveness will keep its location in downtown Columbia and phone number (803-760-1400).

For more information, visit, follow @sccompetes on Twitter, and connect with the company page on LinkedIn.