Greenville Tech’s CMI launches business incubator

CMI ConstructisGreenville Technical College’s Center for Manufacturing Innovation has launched a Manufacturing Business Incubator. The first participating companies at the site are Medical Beam Laboratories and Constructis LLC.

The incubator is intended to help firms make use of the nearly $7 million in advanced manufacturing equipment and hardware at the Center for Manufacturing Innovation, collaborate with students and faculty and eventually grow into their own facility or being commercial production following the prototyping or start-up phase.

In addition to helping businesses, the business incubator will give students the opportunity to work on industry-level projects, said David Clayton, director of the Center for Manufacturing Innovation.

South Carolina Research Authority is assisting the two participating companies as SC Launch client companies, with funding to cover their initial term at the incubator.

This post contains excerpts from an article published by GSA Business Report.  Read the full article here>>