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Data Specialist

The Role

A typical role for a Data Specialist is managing new databases, monitoring database performance, interpreting raw data, and turning it into feedback and applicable actions for the organization. A Data Specialist analyzes numbers and patterns mean and can communicate the findings to their teams in a digestible format. Data Specialists can also be charged with collecting and cleaning up data to ensure the information is accurate.  This role is also heavily involved with confidential information, whether it be for competition or internal discussion, so the Specialist will need to be well-versed in data storage and security.

The Data

Median National Salary*: $90,272

Annual Job Postings*: 87,000+

Expected Job Growth*: +13%

The Skills

– Ensure that organizational data is accurate and secure

– Back up and restore data to prevent data loss

– Analyze data to identify patterns and trends

– Create and use models and algorithms to organize and interpret big data

– Work with a variety of programming languages

– Interpret and clean up data

– Train team on data interpretation