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Cybersecurity Specialist

The Role

As a Cybersecurity Professional, you will be tasked with detecting cyber threats and investigating every opportunity to best protect a company/team. A cybersecurity team likely has several sub-roles that are responsible for monitoring, directing, containing, and ultimately eliminating IT threats. Cybersecurity Professionals will install, administer, and troubleshoot security solutions along with writing up security policies and training documents for the team and/or organization. 

The Data

Median National Salary*: $98,342

Annual Job Postings*: 165,000+

Expected Job Growth*: +25%

The Skills

– Scan and assess network for vulnerabilities

– Monitor network traffic for unusual activity

– Investigate a violation when a breach occurs

– Install and use software to protect sensitive information

– Prepare reports that document security breaches

– Research new security technology

– Help end-users when they need to install or learn about new products and procedures