Columbia’s TCube Solutions an example of insurance tech cluster’s growth

President & CEO Ann Marie Stieritz was recently interviewed by Midlands Anchor in reference to the announcement of a $1.7 million expansion from TCube Solutions in Columbia.

The Midlands’ Insurance Technology cluster (iTs|SC) is an industry cluster supported by the Council, and Stieritz points to the TCube as an example of robust industry cluster activity leading to economic growth.

“We had a base of insurance technology companies here, an understanding of [the history] of this industry in the Midlands as well as now dedicated efforts in business incubation,” said the Council’s President & CEO Ann Marie Stieritz. “[TCube] started in the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator and that has grown much more robust in I’d say the past five years. So the ability to surround the company with that mentorship and that support and connections has been a great attribution in addition again to our higher education institutions on various levels, from Midlands Technical College to Columbia College to USC for providing a talent base.”

iTs|SC’s mission is to foster a collaborative environment where the private sector, government and higher education work to strengthen industry competitiveness, a world class talent pool and South Carolina’s reputation as a premier destination for insurance and technology. According to the Council’s 2011 research, also cited in the publication, the Insurance Technology industry in South Carolina includes 1,138 companies, 28,879 total employees, 14,900 of which reside in the midlands, $6.7 billion in economic impact and an average annual wage of $62,000.

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