BMW donates $300k to TransformSC district for PLTW program

BMW executiveCherokee County School District, one of five entire TransformSC districts, is the recipient of a $300,000 gift from BMW Manufacturing Co. to fund Project Lead the Way at its four middle schools to provide science, engineering, technology and math education to students.

BMW joins Boeing as a corporate partner to help fund Project Lead the Way programs statewide. The program is already available in middles schools in Spartanburg and Greenville counties and is expected to begin at Gaffney, Blacksburg, Ewing and Granard middle schools in the fall. Greenville County School District is also one of five entire districts in TransformSC’s statewide innovation network.

According to Sky Foster, communications manager with BMW Manufacturing, the donation was made after researching the impact BMW could have on Cherokee County education, given the number of employees who drive from the county each day.

Staff from the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Mathematics will provide training for Cherokee County teachers working to implement the STEM curriculum in classrooms.

This post contains excerpts from an article published by The State.  Read the full article here>